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Auto Awnings Blockout – Brella


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Head Box Colours

1 pair of auto guides 300mm shorter than the drop of the blind.
1 pair of 300mm auto arms
1 pair of U brackets

Minimum Width                         965mm
Maximum Width                        4865mm
Minimum Drop                           900mm
Maximum Drop                          3600mm
Operation                                 Manual operation
Head Boxes                              Powder Coated – Box depth is 16cm
Finish                                       Straight or Scallop finish available (STRAIGHT FINISH IS STANDARD)
Measurement                           Measurement supplied must be Outside Box Measurements
Brick home                                It is recommended to measure two bricks above & below and 100mm each side of your actual window opening.
Weatherboard home               
Springs will not be tensioned to reduce damage in freight. 10 – 14 turns will be required when fitting